Iranian Pigeons for Sale

My name is Pejman, I was born in northern Iran and I spent most of my summer holidays on my parent’s farm. I have always been interested in animals of all shapes and sizes, especially birds. As a child I used to keep pigeons and my favourites were Kaftar Rang, [coloured pigeons].

I have been in the UK since 1977 and about 5  years ago became reacquainted with Kaftar Irani. I have at present around 120 birds, they mainly consist of  Sorours and Toghies and only a few of other colours such as Kaftar Tehrani Goli, Kaleh Brenjee, Posht-dar, Dom-sefied, Kaleh, Sineh  and Dom-Siah.

I bought my initial stock through the internet and from reputable Iranian pigeon dealers and keepers. I have met some very interesting people, of which some have become good friends. I am a director of my own catering company and I keep pigeons ONLY as a HOBBY.

As you can imagine from time to time the numbers get out of hand and hence the need to sell surplus stock and that is the reason for this website. Please browse through the pages, if you like any of the breeding pairs then contact me and I will email you the pictures and details of their young.